Tiger Lily Press Unframed
April 6, 2018 - April 28, 2018

Tiger Lily Press UNFRAMED is the theme of the annual printmaking show of work by the members of Tiger Lily Press, a fine art print studio located in West Price Hill. 

The exhibition will take place at the 124 West Pike Street Gallery in Covington, Kentucky. 

Work will be hung unframed: cost-effective for artists AND collectors. 

Participating artists include: James Billiter, Joe Bohache, Fred Daniell, DR Danielsson, Joan Effertz, Louann Elliott, Rick Finn, Sheila Fleischer, Amy Foltz, Maureen George, Jay Harriman, Anne-Marie Herrera, Nicole Hollan, Tory Keith, Aaron Kent, Andrea Knarr, Andy Knolle, Nicci Mechler, Sara Pearce, Kathleen Piercefield, Jonathan Roundtree, Allison Rosh, Blanche Pringle Smith, Vanessa Sorensen, Jonpaul Smith, Helen Stinger, Jan Thomas, Nancy Turner, Carole Winters, and Mary Woodworth.

Show opens April 6, 6:00 - 8:00 pm. Exhibition is up until April 28.